BikeTrace Smart Lock

Key Features

  • Track & Trace
  • Keyless locking

Easily Track/Trace your bicycle in the event of loss or theft.

Quickly lock your bicycle with your smart phone.  BikeTrace App will be available in both iOS and Android.


Park it · Trace it

Intelligent Bicycle Security

The BikeTrace app brings you closer to your bicycle than ever before. Park it smart, and with confidence that your bike is safe.

Smart Locking

Lock your bicycle faster and with confidence. The BikeTrace app is designed to monitor your bicycle 24/7.

Share Your Bicycle

Easily share your bicycle without the need for a key. You can simply grant access to your bicycle remotely by using your smartphone.

Trace Your Bicycle

Trace you bicycle’s location and track your own cycling habits using our app. Make the most of that cycling experience!

Security Alerts

The BikeTrace app sends you text alerts if you park in unsafe locations or if your bicycle moves without your permission.

Keyless Locking

Lock and unlock your bicycle using just your smartphone. You can activate proximity unlocking by either moving closer or away from your bicycle.


We are a service provider making bicycles smarter and digitally connected.  BikeTrace is pioneering integration of bicycles onto smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT). #NoBikeLeftBehind

Urban & Rural Sustainability

We equip conventional bikes with necessary communication capabilities for connectivity within cities.  We are also keen on cycling behavioural analysis, as this can help scaling new and old biking infrastructure.

Bicycle theft is a major obstacle for bicycle ownership.  BikeTrace is actively engaged in reducing theft and increasing bike ownership.  We firmly belived that this creates the perfect opportunity to reinvent urban spaces and make them more liveable. 

BikeTrace Team

Erika Eklund
Social Media Manager
Mauro Ramos de Jesus Pereira
Founder & CEO
Jemima Osoro
Web Developer
Heta Penttinen
UX/UI Designer

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