Essential Tips for Cycling in Sweden

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Cycling is one of the easiest ways of getting around in Sweden.  You can enjoy the quiet of the countryside whilst moving at an ideal pace through quality bike paths and country lanes off main roads.

Bike Safe

When taking your bike for a spin consider always wearing an helmet.  Make sure you have a bell fitted to your bike, as well as front and rear lights, and wheel reflectors.  Remember that the police can impose a fine of up to 700 SEK if they stop you for not having lights in the dark.  Always follow the traffic flow, respect traffic lights and ride on your right side on both bike paths and roads.

Buying a second-hand bicycle

In Sweden, you can buy a second-hand bicycle for between 700-900 SEK.  When buying a second-hand bicycle, we recommend that you always buy it from a shop and get the receipt.  The advantage of this is that some second-hand bike shops will buy your bicycle back when you no longer need it, providing that you show the receipt.  The receipt is also needed if you must claim insurance for your bicycle.  Make sure to you also note down your bicycle serial number or register your bicycle with BIKETRACE.  You can also find more information and tips on buying a second-hand bicycle on our articles: The BIKETRACE Guide to Buying a Second Hand Bicycle.  You can also find some useful tips on how to avoid buying stolen bikes by clicking here

What to do if your bicycle gets stolen?

In the unfortunate event of your bicycle being stolen contact the Police 114 14 or go to your local Police station.  For more information go to The Swedish Police.  In case you are covered by home insurance contact your insurance provider for information about how to file a claim.  For most bicycle theft insurance claims in Sweden you will need to include a copy of your receipt and the police report.  Also note that to make a claim your bicycle’s value must be above the deductible 1200 SEK.

Repairing your bicycle

In case you ‘re a bike repair wizard there are some councils that run services enabling you to borrow necessary tools to fix your bike.  Otherwise, the chances are that the bike shop were you bought that second-hand bicycle can also carry out repair service.  In general, going to any local bike shop will do just the trick.

So, if you are a bicycle enthusiast, Sweden is every cyclist’s paradise. Whether you’re a visiting student, tourist, or local resident get on your bike and take it for a spin around the Swedish beautiful countryside.




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