Your Bike, Your Memories…

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Remember what it felt like riding a bicycle for the first time?  It is often said that people never forget that very first experience on a bicycle.  It is just like the beginning of new friendship.  Most of us whilst growing up had stabilizers fitted to our bicycles to assist with us with balancing.  Soon enough, the stabilizers came off, and you made that first attempt at being independent and in control.  Your attempts to balance on top of a bike were not always roses and sunshine.  Sometimes it involved clashes with angry pedestrians and car drivers, and scrapped knees.  But after a few random wobbles and scrapes, you finally managed to balance on your bicycle.

The more we look back at those memories, the more we realise that cycling is in fact a symbol of independence, simplicity, balance, and a care free attitude.  For many, the freedom felt when they were kids and got their first bicycle is still the same experienced in every ride.  For them, the bicycle is more than just a mean of transportation, or excuse to exercise.  It became a tool for new adventures and yet more exciting new memories.

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