Smart Cities, Smart Bikes, and The Internet of Things

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Ever since its invention, the bicycle has pretty much been stuck when it comparing to other modes of transportation such as the automobile which nowadays is fitted with a vast array of sensors that measure fuel levels, and monitor potential crash hazards.  When ‘cycling’ into the future we can begin to envisage bikes that fitted with a variety of communication and computing devices capable of providing real- and non-real-time information about users demands.  The notion of Smart bikes is a quite welcoming one, given that many cities are embracing bike sharing schemes, and promoting eco-friendly transportation methods.

This sort of development would pave the way for sophisticated bicycle sharing and distribution systems which will inevitably encourage bicycle ownership and choosing to cycle as a main transportation method.  It could also provide bicycle owners with key information regarding bike performance, Kilometres biked, real-time location tracking, real-time incident alert, calorie consumption, CO2 emission savings, and real-time over speed alerts.  It is, therefore, very plausible to assume that the next generations of bicycles will have communication, sensing, and computing capabilities which will make them part of the Internet of Things.


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