The Bicycle – A Student’s Best Friend

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Whilst studying in Sweden you come to the fast conclusion that bicycles play a key role in Swedish everyday life.  As you become acquainted with your bicycle you will quickly realize that it is indeed your best friend.  I Sweden bicycles have been well assimilated into everyday lifestyle, and there are a lot bicycle trails around that enable you to get from campus to town centre.  As a student, bicycles can make your life so easy, as you can use it for sightseeing, grocery shopping, and going to pubs and clubs.

You may also discover that car parking can be quite costly at your university, or you may have difficulties in finding parking spots around campus.  For environmental or practical reasons, some universities can discourage students from bringing their own cars.  That’s when your bike comes in for the rescue!

It is an affordable transportation method and it is also one of the most efficient ways of getting to know new locations in Sweden.  There are many biking routes around common touristic locations and if you are not experienced on a bicycle many councils may offer free training.

Travelling by bicycle may not be a lifestyle, environmental statement, or hobby, but it is essentially, a simple, affordable, and convenient way of getting to lectures, shopping, etc.  Some universities organize the sale of affordable second hand bicycles.  So find that ideal bike for you and take it for a spin in and around your city.

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