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Meet BikeTrace Lock

Unlock your bicycle faster than ever before with BikeTrace keyless lock. Simply mount it on your bike's rear wheel and operate it with your smartphone. Never loose another key again!

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Make Your Bike Smarter

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Keyless Locking

Lock and unlock your bicycle using just your smartphone. You can activate proximity unlocking by either moving closer or away from your bicycle.


Smart Locking

Lock your bicycle faster and with confidence. The BikeTrace app is designed to monitor your bicycle 24/7.

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Share Your Bicycle

Easily share your bicycle without the need for a key. You can simply grant access to your bicycle remotely by using your smartphone.

Our Vision

Our main vision is to create an ecosystem of digitally interconnected bicycles, or what we call "The Internet of Bicycles" BikeTrace lock is the first step in this direction.

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Our Mission


As part of our environmental policy, we at BikeTrace are dedicated to building a better and more sustainable future for all. Our strategic approach to sustainability addresses the importance of ensuring lasting protection of the planet’s natural resources. In line with the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development (particularly SDG Goals 3, 9, 11, 12, and 13), we are focused on three key dimensions of sustainability including social, economic, and environmental.It is our goal to promote cycling as a first-choice mode of transportation as this will contribute to good health and wellbeing, better air quality and less noise in cities and finally, switching to zero emission transportation mode will help to reduce carbon emissions. In terms of social and economic sustainability , we are working towards building a product which is based on sustainable business models. Such includes using long-lasting materials, repair systems, and easy to recycle source materials. To achieve that we come in with the lock and service that will make more people choose cycling, because with us it is more secure to own a bike and share your bike with others members of society.

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