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Camp Ven #2019

BikeTrace at Camp Ven #2019

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BikeTrace is taking part in Camp Ven #2019, an event where entrepreneurs can network in a more informal and casual way. BikeTrace CEO Mauro Ramos de Jesus Pereira will host an IdeaLab session. This is a collaborative workshop focused on idea generation for a variety of business models centred around…

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The Bicycle – A Student’s Best Friend

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Whilst studying in Sweden you come to the fast conclusion that bicycles play a key role in Swedish everyday life.  As you become acquainted with your bicycle you will quickly realize that it is indeed your best friend.  I Sweden bicycles have been well assimilated into everyday lifestyle, and there…

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Smart Cities, Smart Bikes, and The Internet of Things

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Ever since its invention, the bicycle has pretty much been stuck when it comparing to other modes of transportation such as the automobile which nowadays is fitted with a vast array of sensors that measure fuel levels, and monitor potential crash hazards.  When ‘cycling’ into the future we can begin…

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Your Bike, Your Memories…

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Remember what it felt like riding a bicycle for the first time?  It is often said that people never forget that very first experience on a bicycle.  It is just like the beginning of new friendship.  Most of us whilst growing up had stabilizers fitted to our bicycles to assist…

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